Our History

The Sin family first laid the foundations of Hallmark Jewellery in 1965. Eddie Sin, GIA Diamond Graduate, kept the legacy going with the business very first boutique in 1994 in City Square, KL.

Under Eddies stewardship, Hallmark Jewellery was transformed into a household name synonymous with quality, innovation and above all, its collection of exceptional jewelries.

With the Malaysian market all but conquered, Eddie went on to establish Hallmark Jewellery as a global force with the launch of its first factory in Shenzhen, China. Being both a manufacturer as well as a trading hub, the plant has, to the present day, catered towards the diverse markets of Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

As the once-modest family business went from strength to strength, William Sin, son, heir apparent, and also GIA Diamond Graduate, was brought into the fold in the early 2010's.

The young visionary has since propelled Hallmark Jewellery into unprecedented heights with a host of fresh, game-changing ideas, the most notable of which were the addition of four new and popular collections.

Known as Vivo, Amorosa, Centella and Jubileo, William made sure that there is always a little something for everyone; let it be fine diamonds, designer pieces, merchandise ornaments or tailor-made jewelries.

Having warmed up to his seat in the present day, William is geared to scale even greater heights C just like Eddie, dad and mentor, once did.